OPRF Food Pantry Serves Homebound Seniors Through Township's Meal Delivery Program

OPRF Food Pantry Serves Homebound Seniors Through Oak Park Township’s Meals on Wheels Program


The Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry has partnered with Oak Park Township to deliver meals to homebound seniors physically unable to collect food from the Pantry. The home delivery program started in February 2017.  Adriana Riano, Pantry Program Coordinator, states “After our success with Summer Meals, we discovered that people are not always going to come to us.  There are many shapes and forms of hunger in different populations, whether they’re children, adults or senior citizens.  We work constantly to find these pockets of need and create programs to help people receive more food throughout the month.”


Through Oak Park Township’s home-delivered meals program, the Food Pantry currently provides groceries for approximately 41 clients.  The goal is to serve up to 70 senior citizens throughout the two communities.  Special dietary requests, needs and restrictions are taken into consideration when assembling the grocery lists.  Each client receives a phone call from the Pantry, and Raino explains, “When we call about menus, the clients are very grateful, and hesitate to decline anything, but we want to make sure they’re going to use the food.  If this chicken is too big, we’ll get you something smaller; you’ve got too much pasta, I’ll give you rice.” 



About Oak Park River Forest Pantry

Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry’s mission is to work together as a community to reduce hunger locally through:

  • direct hunger relief services
  • hunger awareness education and
  • advocacy to influence anti-hunger policy



About Oak Park Township

Oak Park Township is a unique unit of Oak Park local government, providing human services to many of our more vulnerable citizens – at-risk youth needing guidance to improve their chances for a successful life, senior citizens needing support to maintain their independence and financially struggling residents who need monthly assistance and job seeking help. In addition, the Township provides funding for mental health agencies and assistance with property tax inquiries and appeals, all for about 2.5% of the local property tax bill.






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Offices closed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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