Community Mental Health Board
Community Mental Health Board (CMHB) members assess, plan, organize and supplement resources for services with funds available in the areas of mental illness, developmental disability, alcohol and substance abuse for Oak Park residents. Members of the Community Mental Heath Board are appointed by the Township Trustees to four-year terms. The Community Mental Health Board normally meets on the third Tuesday of every month.

Application for Community Mental Health Board 

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Senior Services Committee
Senior Services Committee is made up of individuals with an interest in the welfare of seniors in the community. The Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the Township Board of Trustees. Members of the Senior Committee are appointed by the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees to three-year terms. Meetings are conducted jointly with the River Forest Township Senior Committee which is similarly appointed by the River Forest Township Board of Trustees. Meetings are held once a quarter.

Current SeniorServices Committee Members - River Forest
Ann O'Connell
Ruth Reko
James Flanagan
Chris Hauri
Dr. Katherine Walsh
Sally Gibbs
Jean Buckley
Cathaleen Roach

Current Senior Services Committee Members - Oak Park
Dr. Kenneth Blair
Brett McNeil
Sandra Rowe
Barbara Bodner
Joy Aaronson
Patricia Koko
Phyllis Russell
Margaret Trybus

Application for Senior Services Committee

Senior Services Committee Meeting Minutes

Youth Services Committee
The Youth Services Committee engages in a variety of activities and services directly impacting the youth of Oak Park and River Forest. Youth Services of Oak Park and River Forest contract with agencies, organizations, institutions, as well as parent and youth groups for programs that address specific need areas for the youth of our community. Members of the Youth Services Committee are appointed by the Township Trustees to three-year terms. The Youth Services Committee meets on the first Wednesday of every month.

2017 Youth Services Committee Vision Notes

Current Youth Services Committee Members - Oak Park
Eric Davis (Oak Park Liaison)
David Yamashia
Emily Dagostino
George Bailey
Jhontia Williams
Natalie Williams
Patricia Bowman
Willie Mack

Current Youth Services Committee Members - River Forest

Carla Sloan (River Forest Liaison)
Cal Davis
Dick Barrett
Sarah Mayeda

Youth Services Committee Statements - 2017

Application for Youth Services Committee

Youth Services Committee Meeting Minutes 




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